MacIsaac’s Pond in Inverness has been posted for several years now, against the harvesting of shellfish. The shell debris from hungry gulls has since increased dramatically in volume and in size. Razor clams 10 inches long. None yet appear so neon as this oyster pair but who knows what they’re living on and how it will manifest? As often happens when work is play, I love the way this painting turned out.

Painting in gouache, $450 unframed


Muse as landscape

Once again, working in the theme of All the White Horses. This painting explores the effects of a limited palette with sparse detail. It works for me as a painting because the strong line and simple form still succeed in telling a story. The attitude of the horse figure, the path, the river, the woods as destination all contribute to a narrative.

Painting in gouache, 13.75 x 11 in $350


Green Sky & Medicine Poles

Latest (June 2008) of a series of paintings that originate in reflections of observable changes to planet earth. I refer to these as 3001 series and in this piece life as we know it has changed colour and has narrowed to the survival of a few clever life forms. I imagine the crow might be one of these.

Painting in gouache, 13.5 x 10.375 in. $375 unframed SOLD


Pendula II

Drawn to reflect the passing of time through hundreds of generations of women this painting celebrates affection, support and guardianship.

The original Pendula was a collage created from pieces of wrapping paper off of gifts to my Mother from her daughters and granddaughters.
Painting in
gouache, 19.375 x 7.5 inches SOLD



Inquiries regarding purchase of original paintings and reproductions should be directed to

Virginia McCoy
P.O. Box 369, Inverness NS B0E 1N0

Payment by cheque or direct deposit to the artist is required before shipment.

Alternatively purchase can be arranged through representative organizations such as the Inverness County Centre for the Arts or Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Deborah Delaronde's The Rabbits Race has gone to press and I'm looking forward to seeing the first proofs. The work of illustration turns out to be a challenge and a joy.
Working with Theytus Books has been a treat. Always respecting the story that the author tells, I appreciated the freedom to have at these pages, applying, without reserve, my feel for line, form and colour.

va, june 3, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Winter work. I've been creating illustrations for a children's book to come out in the fall of this year. This is the proposed cover. I will keep this page up to date as the book goes to press.